13 Top Tips for buying your RV

Whether you’re a seasoned RV Canada vet, or whether this is your first time looking into the outdoors lifestyle, there has never been a better time to buy a used or new trailer or fifth wheel. Sturgeon Woods RV of Leamington, Ontario are amongst the leading RV sales teams in the Ontario area carrying brands such as Keystone RV, Forest River and Starcraft RV models, so with just a little information about what you hope to get out of your vacations, they’ll get you set up with the perfect RV for your needs! In order to help you to figure out how to go about purchasing the RV of your dreams, Sturgeon Woods RV have put together an RV guide, 13 top tips for purchasing your new to you, trailer or fifth wheel.

1. Have you visited an RV show, or even a dealer?

Keystone RV

This should be the first step any prospective RV buyer should take. If you and your family have talked about jumping in to the RV lifestyle, it is always a good idea to research when your next, local RV show will take place. Take all the family along, and soak it all in! RV shows are a great way to learn about all the different brands and manufacturers, as well as to get hands on with some of the latest models and technology. If you don’t have a show nearby, come along to Sturgeon Woods RV; any member of our friendly sales team would be more than happy to walk the lot with you and show you what is available. To get an even better idea of what is around, try looking at websites like RV Trader Ontario and RV Trader Canada, you’ll get a rough idea ahead of time for the prices of the styles you’re interested in.

2. What is your RV experience level?

Your level of experience with RVs is hugely important when considering the purchase of a new one! If you have owned one or more RVs in the past, you probably have a good idea what you’re looking for, but if this is your first time purchasing, it might be a good idea to rent one (or more) first. Renting will help you to get a great idea of what you like, without the commitment of purchasing. You may even discover that it’s not for you, although this is unlikely!

3. What is your Budget?

Budget is a big factor, in many cases, luxury RVs can cost as much as brick and mortar homes. If the sky is the limit financially, then the same can be said for your RV options. Even if you’re working to a set price limit, there are still a ton of great options for you; if you’re looking for something luxurious and comfortable, you could consider something used, if you’re set on new, you can opt for a more basic model. The most important factor is not to stretch yourself too thin! RV ownership is supposed to be enjoyable, so choosing something you can afford is the starting point. Sturgeon Woods RV have incredible in house financing if this is something you require; so by all means contact our team and they can set you up with affordable payments to get you in to the RV you always wanted but never thought you could afford.

4. Have you considered maintenance costs or accessories?

Purchasing an RV is the first step, but don’t forget to factor in the cost to operate it. General maintenance, just like with a car or truck, is essential to the longevity of your pride and joy RV. Make sure you do your homework to keep your RV running at its optimum for maximum lifespan and minimum repair costs; things as simple as using the correct RV toilet paper can make the difference between an enjoyable vacation and an expensive repair bill! Also consider the fact that you’ll likely have to purchase the proper power cords and sewer hose kits to get you hooked up to the facilities when you arrive at your destination. These extras may seem like just another expense, but trust us, they’ll save you a lot in the long run!

5. Should I buy used or new?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and it simply boils down to personal preference. Depending on the time of year, manufacturers often have special deals on new models, which may be too good to miss. New models will generally come with a manufacturer’s warranty, although used units may also still have the balance of the original warranty depending on the age. When buying used you are cutting out the initial depreciation that hits new buyers as soon as they drive off the lot, allowing savvy buyers to pick up nearly new RVs with significant savings.

6. What are your must have features?

Keystone RV Ontario

Sit down and write out a list of everything you feel like your RV should have. Split the list in two; Essential, and willing to compromise. Take this list with you when you come to the dealership, and share it with your sales professional. Let them know that you aren’t willing to compromise on certain features, but the others are just going to be a nice to have. This will allow the sales team to pull up a shortlist of the most suitable RVs. Now you can look at them objectively, and see which has the most of your nice to have features, vs. price, and this will help you to make the most informed decision.

 7. What style of RV should I buy?

RV Trader Ontario

The style of RV you buy should reflect your planned usage. If you think you’ll be out every weekend, you may want to consider something with more of the comforts of home, and a little more luxury. If you only plan to spend a few days a year, you could potentially sacrifice luxury for economy, getting the basic features you need, without spending too much money. In addition, the wide world of RV’ing brings with it many different styles of trailer to choose from depending on how you spend your vacations. If you have ATVS, Motorcycles, and Kayaks etc, perhaps consider a toy hauler, if you love camping in tents, but want a few more creature comforts, a tent trailer or pop up trailer may be your best option. If you want a larger floor plan, look at fifth wheel trailers and travel trailers for sale Ontario, both of which are available in a wide range of sizes and of varying comfort – from bare bones basic to sheer opulence.

 8. What kind of destinations do you plan to visit?

The type of RV you look at should be appropriate to the conditions of your destination. For regular RV parks and warm weather, just about any RV should do the trick, although you should consider that if you have a specific site in mind, they may impose size limits, and they may also have limited connection facilities; so choose wisely, do some research about your planned destinations before making your purchase. If you plan to take your trailer in to the back country, consider a ruggedized model, these units tend to have chunkier, off road tires which are often nitrogen filled for greater resistance to temperature variation.

9. What kind of towing vehicle do you have?

The size and style of RV that will be towable by you is largely determined by what you’re using to pull it. Always consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for maximum tow capacity, this will give you a good idea of exactly which models will even work with your vehicle set up. Some cars may be able to tow smaller toy haulers, travel trailers and tent trailers. For larger units you will likely need the use of a full size SUV or pickup truck. If you do have a pickup truck, you could consider a fifth wheel trailer. Whatever you choose, make sure you never exceed your own skill set and always drive at a safe speed when towing.

 10. Do you like to eat in, or dine out? RV Dealers Ontario

Think about this one, if you generally take your RV to a destination with a lot of restaurants, or even if grilling and barbecuing is your thing, you can save big on looking at RVs with limited cooking facilities. If a gourmet kitchen and cooking for the family is your idea of a great vacation, then you can find kitchen facilities to match; modern RVs can be outfitted with kitchens as good as any you’ll find in a luxury apartment.

 11. Ease of transport

Consider how easy (or not) it will be to move your RV from place to place. If you like to visit new places frequently, look towards smaller units. If you have a favorite destination and you’re able to leave your trailer on site for days weeks or months, then perhaps look into a large travel trailer, fifth wheel or maybe even park model trailers for sale Ontario. Larger RVs, particularly park models, can be a bit more difficult to tow, but come in to their own if you plan on extended stays at a destination, with their larger floor plans and home comforts.

12. Size and floor plans

Starcraft RV

Consider size and floor plans before diving in to RV ownership. If you travel solo, or as a couple, you may not need to consider the huge fifth wheels and travel trailers, allowing you to save money in that area. If you are likely to be bringing multiple family members, think about the number of berths the RV has available. Modern RVs are flush with clever engineering, allowing for beds to be stowed in inconspicuous places, and folded out when it’s time to hit the hay, then folded back up when floor space is needed. High end RVs can benefit from slide out sections, allowing for a more streamlined unit in the towing condition that can be expanded at the touch of a button upon arrival at your destination. While it may be nice to have the biggest and best trailer out there, you should consider your available storage space, as you don’t want it to consume your entire driveway when you’re not out at the camp site!

 13. How much storage space do I need?

Not all RVs are created equal when it comes to storage space. Toy haulers are the ultimate, however RVs that are more so geared towards residential features often have clever little cubbies hidden around the unit. While you’ll find some RVs to be incredibly spacious, you don’t want to find your vacation home away from home cluttered by all and sundry! If you’re likely to pack light, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern, but if you like to take it all, including the kitchen sink, look for an RV with plenty of storage, both inside and out.

If you’re looking for an RV Dealers Ontario – Make sure you come to see the team here at Sturgeon Woods RV of Leamington Ontario. The RV lifestyle is in our blood here, this is a family business, run by RV enthusiasts for RV enthusiasts. We want you to get the best deal possible, and we’ll make it happen! Our incredible, in house finance team are on hand to help get you in to the RV you always dreamed of, on terms you can afford. As we mentioned in top tip number one, come in and see us! We will guide you around the lot, allowing you to get hands on with our new and used models; take a tour and see what works for you. We love both appointments and drop ins, either way, we can’t wait to meet you here at Sturgeon Woods RV.

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