2020 Dutchmen Aspen Trail Review

Hello everybody, welcome back to the Sturgeon Woods RV sales blog! We’re reaching the peak of this year’s summer camping season, and it’s really an exciting time to be in the industry. We’ve been bringing our customers the very best RV service and support in Ontario for decades now, and our family approach to business ensures that happy customers come back again and again. We proudly serve the areas of Chatham Kent, Windsor, Sarnia, and we are fortunate enough to call Beautiful Leamington Ontario our home.

We stock a wide range of new and pre-owned RVs from many brands, and if you’re visiting us looking for a Dutchmen Trailer for sale, we’ve got great news for you – as today’s primary focus is the fantastic 2020 Dutchmen Aspen Trail series of trailers. Dutchmen have been in business for a long time now, and their stellar reputation for quality was one of the reasons that they were amongst the very first acquisitions of RV powerhouse Thor industries, way back in 1991.

So, if a search for Dutchmen trailers reviews brought you here, then that’s what we’ll give you – read on to find out all about the 2020 Dutchmen Aspen Trail RV and what makes it so great!

Dutchemen RV


Building quality RVs in the DNA for the construction team at Dutchmen! Dutchmen RVs are known far and wide for their attention to detail, as well as their strong fit and finish. They use tried and tested construction techniques, combined with the use of quality materials and superb craftsmanship. to deliver a superior product. Roofs are made using a 4 layer build method, with an EDPM outer layer, backed by 3/8 inch decking which sandwiches the fiberglass insulation between itself and a lauan interior layer.

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The side walls benefit from quality construction, too. The outer wall is a sturdy, weather and corrosion-resistant metal. Supporting the outer wall, a durable wooden frame, with gaps filled by fiberglass insulation rated to an R-Value of R 7. Matching the roof, the interior sidewalls are finished with lauan paneling.

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In order to keep the unit consistently cool and comfortable in all areas, Dutchmen have run the air conditioning ductwork through the roof structure and vented to the interior accordingly. Even distribution of cold air means that you won’t have hot and cold spots – this not only increases comfort but can also help preserve the longevity of your trailer, as you won’t be dealing with damp and moisture issues caused by poorly designed and implemented air conditioning.

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Floor Plans

There is a huge amount of variety available when it comes to floor plans and layouts in the Aspen Trail RV range from Dutchmen RV. There are a staggering 34-floor plans to choose from, and within this selection, there are many choices to make. You can for opt for sleeping arrangements for up to 10 campers, there are options with multiple slide-outs, single slide outs, and even no slide outs. There are options for people with various sizes of the tow vehicle, as weights range from the low 4000 lbs. to over 8600 lbs. There are options with front or rear master bedrooms, too, so if you have a preference, you can opt for whichever you like.




The exterior design of the Dutchmen Aspen Trail is timeless, yet contemporary. The use of simple graphics and subdued colors, with just a pop of brighter hues, gives these models an elegant look that stands out just enough.

As with all great RVs, the Dutchmen Aspen Trail features a large pass-through storage area. What makes this pass through even better is the fact that it is a finished compartment – it’s trimmed in the same attractive wall covering as the interior, with the same flooring. This might not seem a big deal at first glance, after all, it’s rarely seen, however, it’s a glimpse into the attention to detail that Dutchmen apply to their product. In addition to being finished, it’s also LED-lit, which is going to be very helpful if you’re trying to get anything in or out during the dark hours.

Aspen Trail RVs can be equipped with a handy outdoor kitchen – perfect for those who love the outdoor experience of grilling but don’t want to have to haul a barbecue to their destination. It comes nicely kitted out with a 2 ring cooktop, a small sink with hot and cold water, a mini-fridge and even a handy storage shelf.

Around the back, there’s a useful outdoor shower, and while you’d probably prefer the privacy of your indoor washroom for yourself, it’s great for rinsing anything exposed to saltwater, washing down muddy dogs, dirty sporting gear or anything else you’d prefer to clean before bringing inside. It uses both hot and cold water and is a nice little extra feature.

For enjoying the outdoors across a range of weather conditions, there is a power awning that provides shade and shelter, it’s lit by LED lights for evening and night-time enjoyment, and houses your outdoor speakers.

Getting in and out of the Aspen Trail couldn’t be easier. It’s equipped with a folding assist handle and sturdy entrance steps. There’s no wobble with these steps, so everyone can feel confident going up and down.

If you’re planning on year-round camping, you’ll also be thrilled to hear that heated and enclosed underbellies are standard on all Aspen Trail RVs! This provides incredible protection from the elements and really lets you extend your trips well into the colder months.



The kitchen is always a focal point in an RV, the trend of luxury and gourmet kitchens in homes has carried over to the RV world, and manufacturers like Dutchmen RV know that it’s important to go with what the customers want.

As with your kitchen at home, it’s vital to have a lot of storage. The Aspen Trail benefits from a large pantry; it has deep shelves which are also tall enough to accommodate dividers if you’d like to further increase the storage possibilities.

There’s a freezer over fridge set up with dual power gas and electric operation. The switch over between the two power options is taken care of with a simple flick of a switch.

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As there is close proximity to your living area, it’s vital that you’re able to vent away food smells and keep any grease out of the air, lest you ruin your upholstery, and that’s why dutchmen have equipped the 2020 Aspen Trail with a powerful range hood, featuring a light for better visibility while cooking and a fan to draw any odors away and out of the unit.

Cooking is taken care of with your top quality Furrion oven, it features inside lighting, a glass front, and self-ignition, too. There’s a 3 ring cooktop, which has an attractive glass cover, which helps keep things organized, and provides a little extra bench space when it’s not hot or in use. If you’re looking to reheat, or you’ve got microwave meals, then the carousel style microwave is going to be very helpful. It’s mounted at head height, keeping the countertop as clear as can be.

The large sink is flush-mounted within the countertop and comes with a cover, which also boosts available workspace when you don’t need to use the sink itself. Topping off the kitchen, there’s a stylish backsplash that adds a real residential feel and looks stunning.

Living Area

Throughout the living area, you’re going to have attractive and stylish rustic reclaimed style wood wall coverings. This style strikes a balance between nature and the contemporary and lends itself perfectly to this RV.

For enjoying the delicious meals you’ve prepared, or simply relaxing with a book or playing a game with family, there is a large booth dinette. This dinette boasts a trick adjustable setup that allows it to convert into 2 smaller dinettes with some simple adjustments, not only that, but it also converts into a bed for extra sleeping arrangements.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail RV

Your living area can be furnished with a comfortable and luxurious theater-style couch. The center section can be folded down to provide an armrest and cup holders, or it can be left up for a third seat. The couch easily converts to another bed, too – it’s a one-handed operation, which makes this an exceptional piece of engineering.

Above the couch is yet more storage in the form of attractive glass-fronted cabinets.

Sleeping arrangements

When it comes time to retire for the night, the Aspen Trail has up to 10 places to rest your head. While some take the form of the convertible seats/beds we’ve already highlighted, the permanent beds are the real show stoppers. There are available bunk beds with comfy mattresses and each with its own USB power outlet, ideal for charging phones, tablets or other devices. Under the bottom bunk, there’s a cavernous storage space – the bed itself folds up with ease, so accessing this area is a piece of cake.

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The master bedroom is a haven of relaxation, it is closed off from the rest of the RV by a sliding barn door for extra privacy. It is luxuriously appointed with a residential, walk around queen bed. Either side of the bed are shirt hanging closets, and there’s a span shelf above the headboard too. Both sides of the bed also get nightstands with power outlets for charging devices or plugging alarm clocks. The master bedroom features aren’t done there! As well as what we’ve already pointed out, there is an additional hanging closet, as well and a stack of drawers and a shoe cubby. For entertainment in the bedroom, there’s a pre-wired TV hookup that links to the main entertainment center, and the TV bracket mounting points are marked out.

There’s yet more storage in the master, as just with the bunk beds at the other end of the RV, the bed lifts up to reveal a cavernous cargo area.


Complimenting the beautiful accommodations, the available bathroom setups bring the Aspen Trail Trailers together. There are several layouts available but all benefit from a skylight with built-in fan, and air conditioning ducted in – something most manufacturers overlook, leading to extreme temperatures in there. You can, of course, choose from either a shower/tub combo or a standalone shower with a curtain or sliding glass door.

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Technology fans are sure to fall in love with the features of the Aspen Trail from Dutchmen RV. You’ll be able to stay connected thanks to the 4G LTE prep and the WIFI router equipped as standard. If your campsite does have WIFI, but your signal isn’t the best, you can turn on the Aspen Trail’s WIFI booster to augment your reception. This unit also features a central entertainment center that encompasses:

  • DVD
  • CD
  • AM Radio
  • FM Radio
  • USB Input

The central control unit also controls your speakers. Switch sound from inside to outside, or have it set up for both.

It’s pre-wired for sound, simply plug the RCA cables into your TV and take advantage of the awesome speaker setup. To make mounting your TV easy, the bracket installation point is pre-marked, simply bold it on and you’re good to go. The mounting point does support a swivel bracket, so you can angle your TV for the best viewing no matter where you sit. Under the TV there’s a stack of shelves, perfect for storing your CD and DVD collections.



The Dutchmen Aspen Trail comes with the Industry’s leading limited structural warranty, with a generous 3 years coverage. Dutchmen RV is proud to stand behind their product, and it’s no secret why! Unlike many competitors’ products, every single Dutchmen Aspen Trail gets a 235 pre-delivery inspection before leaving the factory. Other builders will choose a random sample for their quality control, but thanks to the 100% quality guarantee, you know that your Aspen Trail has been thoroughly vetted before being sent to a lot.

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Hopefully, this Dutchmen Aspen Trail review has been insightful for you. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about this excellent trailer! This really is a quality product that will last you for many years and bring you season after season of outdoors fun. Now that you’ve read all about it, we’d like to invite you to come see one in person. So, if you are searching for travel trailers for sale Ontario come on down to our Leamington RV dealership and trailer lot and one of our top sales team will show you around. There’s no better way to get to know whether you like a trailer than to get inside and look around. If you’re planning to finance your RV trailer purchase, we’d be glad to help with that, and if you’re thinking of trading in your old RV, we’ll gladly take that into consideration – we are always on the lookout for quality trades like yours to stock our pre-owned section of the lot! So, don’t delay, there’s never been a better time to purchase a new RV, and as far as travel trailers go, this is amongst the best out there – We hope to see you soon!

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