The 2020 Keystone Hideout

Hello, and thanks for once again joining up here on the Sturgeon Woods RV sales blog. Sturgeon Woods is proud to be you Ontario RV dealers and are even prouder to offer what is widely considered to be the finest customer service in the region. On top of our stellar service, we also offer one of the largest selections of quality new and used RVs in Ontario, so no matter what you’re looking for, chances are – we’ve got it! Our Ontario RV dealers operation is based in beautiful Leamington, and we proudly serve the entire region, including the great towns of London, Sarnia, Chatham Kent, Windsor, and the Greater Toronto area.

Many of our customers are loyal to specific brands, and as each manufacturer has its own set of advantages to offer – today we’ll be focusing on a brand that doesn’t have an extensive history, but has made up for that with solid, reliable and, of course, luxurious RVs – and that brand, is Keystone RV. In 1996, Keystone RV built their very first RV, the sprinter – it was big on quality and value, and quickly captured the camping community’s attention Their incredible rise in popularity didn’t go unnoticed, and 5 short years later, Keystone Trailers was acquired by the largest recreational vehicle brand on the planet, Thor Industries.

Keystone RV has gone from stride to stride since becoming a part of the Thor Industries family, and have introduced many new models, including today’s focus, the Keystone Hideout RV. This model is available a travel trailer and as a fifth wheel; no matter which is your preference, it’s worth noting that Hideout trailers offer extraordinary value for money.

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The Keystone RV Hideout has a classic RV profile, it’s available with either fiberglass or aluminum sidewalls, and if you opt for the aluminum version, it’s available with, or without a fiberglass front cap.

For all your large and oversized camping gear storage needs, there’s a spacious forward pass through. The pass-through boasts finished surfaces that look great and provide exceptional durability. At the rear, you’re getting another large storage compartment – ideal if you’ve got the dirty gear you don’t want to bring inside!

If you love to relax outdoors, you’re especially going to love the large, power awning that comes with the Keystone Hideout RV; it’s perfect for getting some shade on a sunny day or watching the world go by when it’s raining. The awning is equipped with bright LED lighting strips, and also boasts quality speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music outdoors.

For ease of hitching and unhitching, the Keystone travel trailers version comes equipped with a power tongue jack – this makes life so much simpler when you’re getting ready to head out and when you arrive, just push a button and the system does all the hard work for you.

Just behind the tongue jack, there are twin 20-pound propane tanks, complete with an attractive cover, this really tidies up the appearance, and definitely helps to protect your tanks from the elements.

The Hideout RV also comes with stabilizer jacks, these are essential for a comfortable stay at your destination, and they work very well. You’re going to eliminate wobble, and that’s going to make for a much more enjoyable camping experience.

Around the back, you’ll find a spare wheel – this gives great peace of mind in case of a flat, as we all know repair kits are difficult to use and an unreliable at best. With a spare wheel in place, there’s no need to go hunting around at your destination for a tire store, and that’s going to let you simply enjoy, and worry about replacing or fixing the damaged tire at a later point in time.

One of the other great features you’ll find outside is standard solar prep. This makes it super easy to just hook up plug and play panels, and this is going to keep your batteries charged. This a is a must-have for anybody planning on boondocking, and it’s definitely a good thing for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


The true heart of the home is in the kitchen, and there’s no reason that this shouldn’t be the case in your Hideout RV, which for many will be a home away from home! The kitchens available in this line from Keystone RV are truly stunning and feature a whole host of residential features to make your camping experience as good as it possibly can be. Storage is a huge factor in most peoples’ RV purchasing decisions, and with good reason, you need space to keep things to avoid clutter. The Keystone Hideout trailers, fortunately, have storage space in spades! There’s a spacious pantry for keeping your dry goods, canned items and more, there’s also overhead storage, too, with several cabinets at head height.

For those who love to cook, you’re going to be pleased with the setup – it includes a spacious glass front oven, with a trick, LED-lit knobs, and a 3 burner cooktop. Mounted at head height, there’s a carousel type microwave, ideal for quick reheats or any leftovers that you have tucked away in the large, two-way gas and electric powered fridge. To help keep the unit smelling fresh, it’s kitted out with a hood vent, and tucked in to this vent is more lighting, helping you to see exactly what’s going on with your meal prep.

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One of the most highly praised features of this RV is the awesome central vacuum system – with this there’s no need to lug an extra vacuum cleaner around and take up the extra space. Simply plug in the hose, turn it on, and you’ll be keeping your Hideout RV clean and tidy.

The living area benefits from a comfortable and convenient jackknife sofa, which converts with an easy folding mechanism. Above the sofa you’re getting yet more storage space – and let’s be honest, when was the last time you heard someone complain about an RV having too much storage?!

From your sofa, you’ll definitely enjoy the available 50-inch television. You can opt for the Jensen RV specific unit that is designed for the unique stresses an RV can put on your electronics like humidity and vibration. It’s a quality high definition screen that will let you keep up with the latest news, catch the big game, or relax with a movie no matter where you go.

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Your dinette can be equipped with the available ‘Do More’ Table, a free-standing set up that can be converted into a bed base, a coffee table, it can even be removed, taken outside and used as a picnic table, too!

Windows are tinted, which provide privacy as well as a reduction in UV rays and temperature, and safety glass is, of course, fitted to avoid dangerous breakage.

A comfortable bathroom is a must-have in any quality RV, and the 2020 Keystone Hideout delivers here. You can opt for models that have a shower and tub combo, often the most popular choice for families with young kids, or you can choose a floor plan that features a corner shower with glass door. The bathroom features a sink, as well as a medicine cabinet with vanity mirror.

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The promise of a good night’s rest is always assured in a 2020 Keystone Hideout. There are multiple floor plans available, each with varying numbers of berths, but no matter which you choose, comfort is a standard.

Double over double bunks are available, complete with comfortable mattresses, individual lighting controls, and each bunk has its own power supply, great for charging cell phones, tablets, or any other device.

The front master bedroom is beautifully appointed, too. It boasts a walk around queen bed – a must for those who can’t (or don’t want to) crawl over the bed just to get to the other side. The bed is equipped with a supportive, yet supple residential mattress, too. Twin hanging closets flank either side of the bed, and they’re ideal for storing longer clothing items that you don’t want to fold up and put in drawers. Spanning the gap between the closets is another overhead storage space, giving you yet more opportunities to avoid cluttering your RV floor space. There are also nightstands on either side of the bed, too, allowing easy reach to any devices that are plugged in during the night.

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Some other cool (pun intended) features of the master bedroom are the opposing screened windows, which give you the opportunity to open them up for a through draught – you’ll get fresh air and cool down your RV without having to crank the AC all the way up.

If you enjoy watching TV in bed, the Keystone Hideout is also prepared for this, the master bedroom features a pre-marked mounting point for your TV bracket, and also comes pre-wired. This is a big time saver if a TV in the bedroom is a must for you.


Just because you’re getting out into the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay connected to those you left at home! The 2020 Keystone Hideout is equipped with a Furrion antenna for 4G LTE and WIFI connectivity. On top of this, the Furrion antenna also brings AM, FM, UHF, and VHF radio service, too.

Hideout Fifth Wheels can be equipped with Hitch Vision, a patented mirror system that gives the clearest possible view of the hitch from inside your tow vehicle. This really helps in getting your rig connected in a safe and easy manner.

Hideout Fifth Wheels can also be equipped with Max Turn Technology, a durable bent tube frame design that maximizes the hitch’s turn radius without the need to purchase additional specialty accessories like a slide hitch. This is a patented keystone exclusive and you’re going to love how maneuverable it makes your setup.

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The Keystone Hideout benefits from Tuf Lok AC Duct joiners, a solution to a problem that has plagued RVs since day one. The nature of the Tuf Lok design makes them resistant to crush hazards and creates a tight and secure join in all areas of your HVAC ductwork. One of the biggest causes of air conditioning inefficiency is the air leak, and by improving your join qualities, you’re drastically reducing this possibility. This will help to keep your Hideout RV at a comfortable temperature at all times, and it’ll reduce the energy used by your AC unit – good for your wallet and good for the environment.

Another simple, yet brilliant feature of the build and design of the Keystone Hideout is the inclusion of color-coded wiring. So, in the event that you want to add electronic features further down the line, or if any kind of electrical troubleshooting is necessary, tracing your wires couldn’t be simpler. This makes any electrical work much faster, easier and a lot safer.

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keystone rv warranty

Keystone RV understands that a travel trailer or fifth wheel is a significant investment, not only financially, but emotionally. People generally consider their RV an extension of the home, and if there are any issues, this can definitely cause distress. Those looking to purchase a new Keystone Hideout should know that they are buying a product that is truly backed up by the manufacturer – Keystone RV offer this unit with the industry’s best warranty! An outstanding 3-year limited structural warranty covers you against a whole range of (unlikely) manufacturing defects, and this is supported by a comprehensive 1-year limited base warranty. Your Sturgeon Woods RV sales team can give you all the specifics of this generous warranty if you need further information.

We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us again. We hope this look at the fantastic Keystone Hideout RV has given you some new information about these great models. Of course, the next step should be coming to see one here in person at Sturgeon Woods RV, your first choice when it comes to RV dealers Ontario and shopping for campers for sale in Ontario Our top sales team will show you the ins and outs of these awesome travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers, and let you get a real sense of what owning one could be like. Come armed with questions, we’d love to answer them for you! Sturgeon Woods RV would also be thrilled to talk finance with you, too – if you’re interested in spreading the cost of your new RV over a number of years, we can get you set up with an easy credit application, with finance provided by some of Canada’s largest banking institutions. This is a great time of year to consider your next RV, and we hope to see you real soon!

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