Should you buy a new or used RV Trailer?

Sturgeon Woods RV of Leamington, Ontario are on hand to help you answer that age old question; when buying an RV, should I go with used, or new? The honest answer is, that there is no one right answer! The choice between choosing a new or used unit can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. There are many factors that can influence your decision, and Sturgeon Woods RV know that all too well; this is why our team have put together this helpful RV guide to help you figure out whether you’d be happier with a used or new unit.

The New RV Smell

This is the very first barrier to cross in the decision making process, simply are you somebody who insists on having that ‘new RV smell’. In short, some RV buyers simply prefer the act of buying something brand new, untouched by anyone else, with that distinctive smell! For some, this is a deal breaker, for others, this is relatively, or completely unimportant. On the contrary, some (for reasons detailed in points below) actively avoid purchasing new, whether we are talking vehicles, RVs, or anything else.

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It goes without saying that when considering an RV, you’re almost certainly going to pay more money for a like for like unit if you choose brand new, otherwise there would be no used market at all! However just because you’re paying more, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a worse deal. Often, new models will benefit from incentives and special offers from the manufacturer, so even if you do end up paying more than a used equivalent, you can fight some of the inevitable depreciation, with these deals. On the contrary, a gently used example has likely shaken off the early effects of depreciation, making it a simple process for a savvy RV shopper to pick up the model they want with significant savings. For a quick example, check websites like RV Trader and RV trader Ontario to compare the cost of a used RV for sale in Ontario of the same make and model!


If a generous factory warranty is important to you, like the 3 Year structural warranty from Keystone RV, then you should really be looking towards purchasing a new trailer or fifth wheel. A warranty will protect your investment in the event that faulty workmanship causes problems with your RV. This is not to say that one cannot purchase a good extra warranty from an Ontario RV dealers or broker to apply to a used model, however RV manufacturers currently offer inclusive, standard warranties for as many as 24 months, a long time in the RV world! Whilst most factory warranties are applicable to non original owners, make sure to do your homework in case remaining coverage on a nearly new RV expires upon resale.

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Whether you choose a new, or a used RV, you’ll find a whole wide world of fantastic customization options, the used vs. new decision comes in to play when you consider how DIY oriented you are! If you would just prefer to spec up your RV on paper, give it to your sales professional and then wait for delivery, then perhaps a new RV is the best route for you! If you have few customization needs, or you are particularly handy with a tool set, you could save yourself money by purchasing a used RV with some or most of the features you want, and installing your upgrades on your own; this method also ensures that you drive away the same day with an RV, rather than having to wait for a custom order from a factory.


If you insist on having only the latest and greatest technology in your RV, look towards a new model. You’re likely to find not only wiring and mounts for big screen TVs, but you’ll find thoughtful touches like USB charging outlets throughout, a must for today’s mobile generation! Not only will the tangible technology be increased, but you are also likely to benefit from improved insulation and HVAC; modern RVs are small miracles when it comes to efficiency, so whilst it may cost more initially, just think of the fuel and electricity you’ll save on heating and cooling. On the opposite side of this coin, some people like to keep their RVs as simple as possible, after all, there’s no better way to get closer to nature than to just leave as many of those modern features behind! If you’re happy with somewhere cosy to lay your head at night, and somewhere to sit and get out of the rain, you are likely to find some stunning deals on used RVs that will keep you happy for years to come.


Consider the destinations you’re likely to be traveling to when deciding between used and new. If you’re sticking to the local RV parks Ontario, and keeping civilization within reach, the world is your oyster, you can happily go with a new or used RV trailer depending on your other preferences. However, if ‘off the beaten track’ is your preferred vacation spot, you should give strong consideration to a new trailer; put simply, a brand new RV is less liable to suffer malfunctions and breakdowns, and the last thing you want, is to have to cut your vacation short searching for repair or service.

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Service life

All good things must come to an end, and whilst any well looked after RV will bring its owner(s) many years of joy, it should be fairly obvious that a new RV has the potential for greater longevity (whilst in your possession) than an equivalent used model. If you plan to hang on to your RV for a long time, then buying new may be your best option, you will know its complete history, and you’ll be familiar with all of its quirks from the get go! If you like to swap RVs regularly, buying nearly new, or used will potentially save you money on your investment.

RV Ownership experience

Are you a seasoned veteran of the RV lifestyle, or is the very first trailer you’ve ever considered? Even if money is no object, splashing out on a fully loaded, brand new RV may not be the greatest of ideas; you may come to find you don’t even enjoy it (although this isn’t too likely!). If you’re new to RVs, start small (not necessarily literally) and look at pre owned RVs, you’ll save money, and you’ll be able to get a sense of whether this lifestyle is for you.

RV Finance

These days, dealers are able to put together the best deals when an RV will be financed over a number of years, rather than an outright cash purchase, and the best interest rates are generally reserved for new units, as the higher value compared to used RVs presents a lower risk for the banks. If you do prefer to pay cash, you may be best off looking towards used RVs, with the razor thin margins on new trailers, you’re likely to get the best bang for your buck on pre owned examples, this is especially true if you love the back and forwards of a good haggle!

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How soon do you need it?

Is this a last minute decision? Have you decided to just pack up and tour across the country? Or are you planning for next year’s big vacation and beyond? These factors matter! Some dealerships carry only a small number of new RVs on their lots, having too much new inventory can be a big risk and as such, they may prefer for you to order (via them) from the factory, if you have several weeks to spare, then buying new may be a solid option for you. But, if you’re looking to get away immediately and drive away the same day with your RV, you will probably be better off scanning the used lots for something that checks your boxes. Locating a used RV for sale is easy at Sturgeon woods RV, check the website ahead of your visit to our showroom for our latest inventory.

If you’re in the market for a new, or used RV Ontario – come and check out the selections at Sturgeon Woods RV in beautiful Leamington, Ontario! Our friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable RV sales professionals can help guide you through your decision, whether you’re set on a brand new fifth wheel, or you’re leaning towards one of our great used rv trailers for sale Ontario. There’s no time like the present, so drop by the showroom or call ahead to make an appointment, and you could be driving away with your new, or new to you, home away from home much sooner than you think!

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