What to look for in an RV dealer

Sturgeon Woods RV is above all else a family oriented business. Run by our family, for yours! As a Leamington Ontario RV dealer, we like to think we’ve cracked the code when it comes to serving both regular customers and newcomers alike. Any RV purchase is a significant investment, often second only to buying a home, and with that in mind, we understand just how important it is to cater to the every need of our valued customers. Some would go so far as to say that choosing the right RV Dealer Ontario is as important as choosing the right RV or trailer! We pride ourselves at Sturgeon Woods RV, not only on our fantastic selection of RVs, but also on our integrity, product knowledge, and our simple desire to ensure our customers drive away with the best bang for their buck.

So how exactly can you figure out what makes an RV dealer the right one for your needs? We have put together a few points for you to look out for when making your decision, we’re confident that Sturgeon Woods RV can meet and even exceed your expectations in this department; read on to find out why!

Does the RV dealer have a long and reputable history?

Look past any flashy advertising and fancy facilities! Any RV dealer worth its salt has stayed in business not because they spent a fortune on their showroom, but because they invested time and care in to their customers. Family owned is often a good sign, especially over multiple generations; these types of business are run with care and much less likely to be a fly by night type operation. Regular changes in management, even regular changes in sales staff, should be a red flag, especially if the dealership changes name too, a tactic sometimes used by those trying to cover up a bad reputation.

Does the owner take an active role in the business?

An RV dealer that is actively managed by its ownership signals that they truly care about the business, and if the owners care, the rest of the team are far more likely to care about you, the customer. If the owners are involved, and not just names on a business card, there is a much greater chance that the rv dealership will stand behind the products they sell, a critical factor in choosing your RV dealers.

They’ll sell it to you, but will they service it?

Before investing in an RV, it’s important to know whether or not the dealer will provide full service. An RV, just like a car, needs regular scheduled maintenance to ensure that it works to its full potential. If this is a service that the dealer offers, check whether or not they have certified and qualified rv technicians conducting the work. If their staff are certified by the manufacturers they stock, this is even better.

Also check to see if the RV dealer is linked to or works with other dealers around the country, if yes, it’s likely that this reciprocity means you can get repairs and other work done to your RV should something happen when you’re out on the road.

How is their online feedback?

Never underestimate the power of an online review; research all the dealers in your area on popular review sites, look at their social media pages, and ask around! When you’re buying an RV, you’re looking for excellence, and people rarely take the time to leave reviews for mediocrity, you’ll most often find terrible reviews, and glowing reviews, this should help you filter out the RV dealers to steer clear of, and those to gravitate towards.

Do they offer in house finance?

An RV dealer that offers in house rv financing can help you get the best deal possible for that RV and offer further possibilities to finance your investment than just relying on a bank alone. When an RV dealer mentions that they offer finance services, check to see that they deal with major banks. Also, if you plan to pay by finance, be cautious if the dealer keeps referring to the monthly payment rather than the total amount, a sure sign that they are covering up a poor interest rate.

Is the RV dealer trying to sell you the best RV, or the best RV for you?

It can be oh so easy for an RV novice to walk in to a RV dealer and be wowed by the gadgets and gizmos available on today’s RV trailers, and once a dealer has you on the hook, you can be signing up to pay as much as you would for a small house! The sales person should be asking you as many questions as possible to find out exactly what your needs are. If you’ve told the dealer that you and your spouse go for one or two weekends a year to a local camp site, should they really be trying to sell you a $100k, 10 berth fifth wheel with all the bells and whistles when a small, nicely appointed travel trailer would be a far better choice? If your RV dealer is trying to upsell to this extent, they obviously don’t have your interests at heart and are probably not the right RV dealership for you!

If you are looking for a trustworthy RV Dealer in Ontario, you can’t do much better than the family owned and operated Sturgeon Woods RV. Our sales team are not only amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry, they are also bona fide RV enthusiasts themselves, so they know their business inside out. They will help get you set up with the perfect RV for your needs, and it will be their pleasure to help you. Sturgeon Woods RV is based in Leamington, Ontario, and have happy, repeat customers from surrounding areas from Chatham, London RV, Sarnia, Toronto, and even locations in Northern Ontario. If you’ve yet to meet our team, whether you’ve never purchased an RV before, or if you’re looking to change from another dealer that wasn’t meeting your needs, we just can’t wait to meet you. We strive to be the best in everything we do, from sales, to finance, service, aftercare and beyond! Call ahead to make an appointment or simply drop in to our RV Sales Ontario showroom!

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