Which RV Trailer Type is Best for You?

Sturgeon Woods RV are your go to, family owned and run Ontario RV dealer right here in beautiful Leamington, Ontario, Canada. Our friendly team are here to ensure that you drive away with the perfect RV Trailer for your needs; so, whether you’re a seasoned RV expert looking for a change or upgrade, or a newcomer to the outdoor lifestyle, we’re sure we’ll have something to suit!

We have put together this handy RV Trailer guide to selecting the right unit for you based on some factors shared by owners of these common types, and the best part is, they’re all available right here at Sturgeon Woods RV!


Fifth Wheels For sale Ontario

Fifth Wheel trailers are amongst the largest and most luxurious towable RVs available today. The raised section that lies above your truck’s bed maximizes space efficiency, providing a split level floor plan.

This RV takes its name from the literal fifth wheel that locks in to the bed of your truck; the weight distribution over the rear axle provides incredible stability, making these large RVs surprisingly easy to tow!

Fifth Wheels are obviously limited to those who have a full size pickup truck with which to tow it. In addition, if you’d like to tow behind a smaller car for driving around your destination, this setup allows for this. Often featuring full, residential style kitchens, these types of RV a true home away from home.

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Travel Trailers for sale Ontario

Travel trailers are a dynamic style of RV Trailer, available in the largest range of sizes, from 2 berth ultralights, to super luxury units suitable for 10+ sleepers! The travel trailer has the benefit of being able to be towed by almost any vehicle (provided it has the torque!).

Travel trailers can be deceptively large, even compact appearing units can have multiple slide outs, allowing for a quick expansion when you arrive at your destination. Travel trailers are available to suit all budgets.

Looking for Travel Trailers for sale in Ontario? Sturgeon Woods RV has a vast assortment of new and used travel trailers by brands like Starcraft, Keystone, Dutchmen, Crossroads and many more!


Camping Trailers for sale Ontario

Pop Up tents (aka Camping Trailers) are a great blend between traditional camping and RVing. This type of RV is amongst the lightest, and easiest to tow, even with mid size cars. This is a great entry level unit, although don’t let that fool you, there are still some pretty luxurious pop up tents available.

Pop up tents have what appears to be the base of a regular travel trailer, although its sides are most often canvas. Within you’ll still find comfortable sleeping quarters, basic kitchen facilities, a simple recreation area, and some models even include bathroom facilities, a definite upgrade over a standard tent!

Looking for Camping Trailers for sale Ontario? Give us a call!

SURV Trailers or ‘Toy Haulers’

Toy Haulers for sale in Ontario

Toy Haulers, sometimes known as Sport Utility RVs, are the RV of choice for the adventure crowd. These types of RV, in addition to the living features of a travel trailer (sleeping quarters, kitchen, bathroom, living room), feature a built in garage. This garage is perfect for anyone looking to take dirt bikes, ATVs, 4 Wheelers, Kayaks, Ski-Doos, or whatever else it is you choose to have fun with!

Toy haulers feature strengthened ramps, enabling safe and easy transfer of your sporting equipment in and out of the garage. Once the gear is unloaded, you will benefit from significant extra living space, and in many cases, extra bunk beds can be folded down in the garage area.

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Park Models

Crossroads Hampton

Park Models are semi portable types of RV that are best suited to extended stays or long term installation at your favorite camp site or RV park. Park models offer the most residential style features you’ll find in any RV, including the largest living spaces. Not only that, you will generally have the opportunity to hook up to utilities like electricity, water and sewerage at many sites.

While Park models are technically portable, they are large and not ideally suited to regular towing, and in addition will require a more powerful vehicle to accommodate the extra weight. What you lose in portability, you more than gain in comfort. Owning a Park Model RV is akin to having a (semi) permanent private hotel suite reserved just for you!

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In addition to the style of RV, there are other factors at play when it comes to choosing the right RV.

  • Much like the vehicle you tow it with, your RV Trailer requires regular maintenance to keep everything running as it should, the bigger the RV, the more expensive this tends to be, consider this in your budget.
  • Towing can seriously reduce your MPG if you overstretch your vehicle’s capabilities. Make sure you consider the towing capacity of your truck, SUV or car before committing to an RV.
  • Ensure your homeowners association allows for RVs to be parked on your property before purchasing. If they don’t and your heart is set on one, check with your favorite camp sites whether or not they’ll allow you to leave it on site when you’re not present.
  • Budget is a very important factor, some RVs can cost as much as a small apartment; ensure you don’t end up in difficulty down the road by choosing an RV that suits your budget and lifestyle.
  • If you’re looking to finance an RV Trailer, make sure you check with your dealer! For instance Sturgeon Woods RV offer in house RV financing, this can make your whole buying process much more streamlined.
  • Remember that just like with cars, you can choose to buy used or new. Both have advantages and disadvantages that will ultimately be up to you to choose between. For example, you might have to wait some time for a brand new custom order, or you may find a gently used example on the lot with most or all of the features you want, ready to drive away.

We hope this RV Trailer guide was helpful in your decision making process. We know as well as anyone that a large investment like an RV shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is why we’d absolutely love to see you at our RV Sales Ontario show room. Our knowledgeable sales team are not only product experts, but they are also outdoor enthusiasts themselves! We will gladly show you around the display models on our lot, and we’ll walk you through the process of ordering a custom unit. Call ahead or drop in, either way, we can’t wait to meet you!

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