Seven Key Questions To Ask Your RV Dealer When Shopping For A New RV Trailer

The friendly team here at Sturgeon Woods RV dealers Ontario, based in beautiful Leamington, Ontario, know a thing or two when it comes to RV Sales in Ontario. We are a family business, and from our family to yours, we want to make sure you get the best RV deal possible, especially when it comes to an investment as large as an RV Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel. Not only is this a financial investment, but often emotional too, as many will forge some of their most treasured memories on family camping trips. This is why we have put together this article, detailing the most important questions to ask your RV dealers and RV sales staff. So, whether it is your very first RV purchase, or whether you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to camping, we would love to help you get the best deals and ensure you get in to the right trailer.  

1. How many BTUs are the roof top air conditioning units rated for?

It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that getting this right the first time is absolutely imperative! You may find trailers for less money elsewhere, but will they be fitted with the most powerful air conditioning units? Not likely. By spending just a little more to begin with on a trailer with a suitably powerful air conditioning unit, you’ll save big over the life of your RV. First and foremost, if you choose to change it outright further down the road, this is a big expense. If you decide to just put up with a low powered unit, you won’t be able to cool your trailer effectively, potentially leading to problems with mold, or even structural damage due to overheating. Additionally, running a low powered unit at full capacity all the time will use up a lot more fuel than a more efficient, higher powered unit running at a regular rate.  

2. Is a thorough pre delivery inspection included with the delivery price?

This is absolutely something you should ensure you ask! Not all dealers will offer this service, instead choosing to place blind trust in the condition status of the trailer as it came from the factory. Even though at Sturgeon Woods RV, we sell only the best RVs and Trailers, we always thoroughly inspect the condition and critical systems of every trailer both used and new before letting you drive off the lot with it – regardless if it is used or new. Always ensure that your dealers delivery inspection includes gas systems (furnace, stove, water heater), water systems (toilet, shower, sinks, refrigerator), and electrics (lights, outlets, slide outs, power awnings). Finally, the wheel bearings are inspected to ensure proper adjustment, and tire pressure is checked, and topped up if necessary.  

3. On used units, do they have documented history about the trailer?

Buying a used travel trailer in Ontario? Just as with a car, it is very important to establish the history of a used RV before taking the plunge with a purchase. Even some pre owned RV units can cost tens of thousands, so by knowing what you are getting in to before buying, you can save yourself from heartache further down the road. If the dealer is able to show demonstrated service history, receipts for maintenance and parts etc. then this is a good sign of a well looked after trailer, and can be considered a safe choice. Trailers that are used, but come with no documentation may (but not necessarily) have hidden issues and gremlins, and we would advise exercising extreme caution before proceeding with purchase, and perhaps ordering a more in depth inspection.  

4. How long has the dealer been in business, and do they even know anything about the business?

This question is a lot more important than many may assume. There are so many fly by night, flash in the pan RV dealers, going out of business almost as soon as they set up shop, and buying from one of these sellers can cause big problems further down the line. Make sure you purchase your RV from a reputable, and well established dealer like Sturgeon Woods RV. If your RV dealer no longer exists six months after you purchase, it can be a real nightmare trying to work out warranty claims for any issues you may have. In addition, using a widely trusted and long standing dealer will also ensure you that their staff have a broad knowledge base about their product and are able to get you in to the right RV for you and your needs!  

5. What does the warranty include and how long is it for? Can extended warranties be purchased?

At Sturgeon Woods RV, we are always sure to be clear with our customers exactly what is entailed within our warranties. Though you should always ask to make sure that you’re 100% familiar with it! If you foresee yourself needing more coverage, this can always be purchased in the form of an extended warranty, something that is always better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Much like homes, RVs require updates and maintenance, and having the right warranty can make the difference between tons of happy, care free camping trips, or headaches and expensive repair bills.  

6. How is the RV constructed?

By knowing the structure type, you can potentially save big! If you are somebody who tows frequently, over long distances, over sometimes rougher terrain, and is generally pretty rough on their trailer, you should consider laminate construction over traditional, as the welded aluminum frames and high gloss fiber glass exterior siding are designed to hold up better against more punishing use, this sturdiness, does come with a cost, as this type tends to be more expensive; however generally worth it if you fit the above description. If you don’t tow your trailer all that often, or you only tend to travel short distances on smooth roads, you should consider a traditionally built unit, generally made from wooden framing with corrugated aluminum siding. They are still very sturdy, but tend to cost less than their laminate counterparts.  

7. Does the dealer offer servicing and after care?

This one is huge, make sure that any RV dealer you decide to purchase a new or pre owned RV from offers in house service and maintenance. If you have issues, you know that a dealer that offers its own repairs is able to take your trailer for the necessary fixes, rather than having to send you off site to someone you have never met. A dealer that services the RVs they sell is also more likely to use OEM parts rather than off brand aftermarket ‘equivalents’. A reputable Ontario RV dealer will always make it right if you’re having issues, and having this facility makes it so much easier for them to do so. On the positive side of things, by establishing a rapport with the same dealer over time, they will know the history and quirks of your particular RV, so when it comes time for your scheduled and routine dealer performed maintenance, they will know exactly what to be looking out for. On top of this, you know you can trust them to do the best job on your home away from home when it comes to adding upgrades and extras, should you so choose. So, there we have it! To make sure that you get the very best RV deal possible, on that perfect, dream RV when searching “RV Dealers near me“, make sure to ask your Ontario RV dealer the questions we mentioned here in this article. Our years of experience in the business, both as camp site operators, and dealers of quality new and pre owned RVs has allowed us to figure out how best to help anybody looking for a new unit. Whether they’re old hats, or new to the hobby, we absolutely love helping folks get the best deal they can. If you want to ask these questions for yourself about one of our fabulous RVs, drop by our Leamington Ontario RV lot, call ahead or just stop in, we can’t wait to meet you! Looking for how much a RV will cost you monthly? Check out our RV payment calculator

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