RV Service Department

Until further notice:

The RV service building will be closed to all campers and the general public – no one except employees of sturgeon woods is allowed around or in the service building.

Until further notice, the following procedures are in place and will be strictly adhered to:

  • a work order for any service work required on a unit can be initiated by telephone at 519-326-1156 ext 3 or by email sturgeonwoodsrvservice@gmail.comno work orders will be taken in person at the front desk

Emergency RV Service repair work will take precedence over any other work.

A. Gas leak B. Water leak on the internal plumbing system only C. Power failure to the unit D. Appliance failure

All other repairs (except warranty repairs) will not be performed at this time but will be performed at a future date to be determined.

All repairs will be coordinated and scheduled by the Sturgeon Woods RV service department – the procedure for repairs will be as follows:

A. Sturgeon woods RV service department will call and confirm a date and time for the repair

Note: if the trailer is being dropped off – unit will only be dropped off at the date and time given for repair – deadbolt is to be unlocked.

B. Customer is to have all internal surface areas of the unit cleaned.
C. Customer is to leave unit unlocked and will not be present at the time of repair.

Repair payment:

  • All repairs made to units that are not covered under warranty, extended warranty, or insurance will be paid in full in advance of work being performed.
  • Sturgeon Woods RV service will provide a quote for the total cost of repairs – customer to provide payment for repair at the time of quote.
  • Once payment has been received Sturgeon Woods RV service will contact customer to schedule date and time.

Parts purchasing

The following procedure will apply to the purchasing of parts:

  • All parts inquiries/ orders can be made by telephone at 519-326-1156 ext 3 or by email at: mhodgiesturgeonwoods@gmail.com.
  • A quote for the part will be provided by telephone or email.
  • Parts are to be paid in full in advance of pickup.
  • Once the part is purchased date and time will be coordinated.

Dewinterizing and opening of the unit

  • Customer to call sturgeon woods RV service at 519-326-1156 ext 3 to open work order and schedule unit.
  • Payment for opening/de-winterizing of the unit to be made in full prior to scheduled work.
  • Customer will not be present at the time of scheduled work.
  • Sturgeon Woods RV service will perform work as requested – if a key was dropped off for winterization – the trailer will be left unlocked with the key left inside the unit.

Trailer keys left for winterization

  • Customer to call sturgeon woods stating date/time they will return to the unit
  • Sturgeon Woods will unlock the unit and leave keys inside for customer

We are taking the necessary precautions to minimize the impact of this situation on our operations while continuing to offer the level of service you have come to expect.

Unfortunately because of the nature of the COVID-19 outbreak service delays may occur beyond our control.

We will rectify this situation as soon as it is safely permitted to do so.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

You can be certain that the health and well being of our employees, customers, and partners remain the highest priority.

We look forward to serving you!